Wedha’s Pop Art Potrait ( WPAP )

what is WPAP .... ?Wedha Abdul Rashid , a teen magazine illustrator in Hai which is also often cited as the father of Indonesian Illustrator for contributions and his work in the field of illustration and fine art .Profession as an illustrator has done Wedha that crisscrossed the print media since the 1970s . Began in 1977 , when it joined the O magazine , he made ​​a lot of illustrations , especially the works of fiction and Hilman Arswendo Atmowiloto with her ​​Lupus phenomenal . In that magazine Wedha doing portraits of world leaders from all backgrounds : political figures , musicians , artists , through fictional characters .In 1990 , Wedha then start a new style for illustration drawing faces . This is thought due to the decrease in vision due to age has reached 40 years so it is difficult to draw a face in the form of a realistic and detailed . Wedha then try to picture cubism style illustration . This style then growing and increasingly popular as part of a style POPART even up to this time . The illustration style is called Wedha 's Pop Art Portrait ( WPAP ) , and some even call it a Wedhaism flow .the faces of the figures are arranged in a mosaic of color were broken by facet - fasetnya . Not in the sense of cubism , but more harmonious combining of colors to form the character portrayed . Although his work is not detailed , but it is able to represent the character 's face very well .
Sources: dgi Indonesia, DesainStudio

Desain WPAP by : Kanglux

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