Editing Vector

Vector image is an image-based mathematical equations. Vector image consists of merging the coordinates of the point into a line or curve to later become an object, so that the images do not be broken even if enlarged or reduced. Vector images are generally smaller in size when compared with the bitmap image / raster,

Editing software vector image, widely used by graphic designers in applications such as logo creation, image traching, caricature drawings and various other forms that all require object detail.

To create a vector image which requires a high accuracy so the results have high artistic value while also diprlukan understanding of the coloring, lighting, and power of imagination.

Below are examples of storage 2 logo in bitmap and vector versions, each of which is magnified up to 5 x, see the difference.

Vector Software include:

1. Corel Draw

2. Adobe Illustrator
Freehand 3.Macromedia
4.Macromedia Flash.
Vector Image Editing Application

1. Logo creation
in making corporate logo, should be created in vector format (eg. cdr) it is possible that the logo if required in the large size, the logo image will not be broken even if the size of a few meters.

2.Image Tracing
before........................       after
To make a facial image tracing, mudah.disini is not required diligence and patience that tinggi.serta lighting techniques.


Cartoon is a unique depiction, and can tell the character / characters from the cartoon page.

cartoons are often made with vector drawing software, it is possible when the diibuat animated cartoon, then the picture quality will not be broken.

As we see on TV, Animation 2D animation software are mostly made with vector-based images

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